"Taiwan province" says The China Post

Well heck, it is the “China” Post, so I don’t think there’s anything THAT strange about the statement, and I guess if Hanyu Pinyin swept Taiwan that would be one benefit of reunification… :laughing:

But check it out for yourselves if you haven’t already. First time in many a China Post read that I’ve encountered this: The Kuomintang now controls eight counties and cities under the jurisdiction of Taiwan province. One county is on the Penghu or Pescadore Islands.

Is that "Taiwan province part of the ROC or… :help: PRC???


I assume it means Taiwan Provincal Government. Not including Taipei and Giaxiong Cities. Or Jinmen and Mazu which are under the jurisdiction of the Fujian provincial government

Ha! Nice catch, both of ya.

Um, like BFM said, they’re right, except that they messed up the bit in Fujian Province.