Taiwan Railways (not HSR related)

Another terrible TRA accident today. Awful news.


I seem to recall similar accidents have happened at TRA where maintenance cars don’t know workers
are on the tracks

TRA’s new rolling stock—built by Hyundai Rotem of South Korea—made its first trip today. Full-scale usage of this new train will start on April 4.



South Koreans built the carriages for the TZe chiang trains the ones pulled by a South African made engine

Replacing the UK made headless brown tze Chiang trains

I don’t know what the latest
Tze chiang trains use

Kinda train buff myself
Love trains

Tommy’s latest motto
Love trains not planes

At least riding in them

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4 dead, many injured as train derails in tunnel.

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Sadly, it already has its own thread. Seems many more than 4 dead too.

Tragic train crash April 2nd, hope all are ok - Taiwan / Living in Taiwan - Forumosa

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“bicycles, which are stored on upright racks.”

Stand by for chaos that will ensue with people trying to put their bikes up and take them off upright bike racks while approaching and departing stations.

At the same time taking bags out of and putting bags in whatever baskets on the bike.

I am totally sure roll-on and roll-off would be much more sensible and easier for local trains like these that make lots of stops.

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36 killed at the moment, people still trapped.

A week after the terrible Taroko crash in Hualien, Taiwan Rail gets more bad news, this time involving a Puyuma train in Taichung:


Suicide ?

Trains don’t normally just run over people unless
People get in the way

From the article linked above:

Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA), which operates the tilting train, said it was the No. 271 Puyuma that hit the man on the crossing between the Chenggong and Xinwuri stations.

Citing the train’s driver, the TRA said the man was seen squatting on the southbound track with his back facing the train.



Strange way to end one’s life. More likely that people run or jump in front of a train.

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That’s not TRA’s fault.


After the Hualien accident, a driver who was interviewed said every driver keeps an image of every dog, cat or goat he runs over with his train.

Imagine the trauma of the driver of this train.

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I hope these drivers have access to counselling or other forms of support. This can’t be easy.


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Yea you know it’s not like trains can simply swerve out of the way or stop on a dime.

Old locomotives have cow pushers for a reason. It is inevitable that you will run over a cow or some other animal. Best you can do is fence the tracks off.

Every train conductor should know this.

I hadn’t read about this until today, but it seems that the TRA have 50 New 12 Car express trains on order with the first due to arrive in June.

That should help with overcrowding. Now they need to upgrade signalling and passing/overtaking loops too, as mixing Local and Express trains slows the latter down.


Old EMU300 malfunction in Zhongli, these trains are supposed to be replaced sometime soon.

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That is part of a bigger project, double tracks, green energy, etc in order to service more passengers.

Did he survive?