Taiwan Railways (not HSR related)

The 70’s or 90’s wasn’t really that different. They only started really improving late 90’s early 2000. Same goes for bus companies.

Yes, as there was almost no apparent investment during that time, and in fact a visible retreat, with the dismantling of lines such as TRA’s Xindian Line in Taipei City and County to make more space for cars.

It was only once we reached the 1990s that we finally saw significant investment in rail, albeit in non-TRA operations such as the Taipei MRT system or the HSR system (which of course opened later in the 2000s).


I’ve been on trains during the 90’s, old crappy cars. Riding through Banqiao, stopping at the old station.
Old crappy buses.

In addition to going to Banqiao, did you also take TRA’s Tamsui Line before it was also dismantled?


I guess I missed that, but I had a train from Taichung to Taipei once, took more than 3 hours.

It’s amazing how much of a game-changer HSR has been for travel along the west coast. It’s not only faster (duh!) but I could actually, for the first time, confidently predict when I would actually arrive at my destination, unlike the habitually late TRA!


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The first batch of 2 EMU900 arrived at Taiwan


Some interior pics of the EMU900










The 3671th ordinary train of the Taiwan Railways South Loop Xindalang Section opened to traffic


This is the itinerary of the 3671 Train ( 普快3671)
from Fangliao Station 枋寮車站 and ends in Taitung Station 臺東火車站

For coming back you can take the 3672 Train ( 普快3672)

from Taitung Station 臺東火車站 to Fangliao Station 枋寮車站

Some pictures about this trip in the following links


The fastest way to get to Taitung will be HSR to Kaoshiung, then normal rail to Taitung?

Close maybe. Presently you can get to Taitung via the East Coast in 3H 30M. HSR to Zaoying then a TRA train won’t be much faster when you take the transfer time into account.

From Taipei to Taitung the fastest way is the Taroko Express(太魯閣列車) or also Puyama Express (普悠瑪列車)

If you take the HSR to Kaohsiung (Zuoying Station) then you need to transfer by KMRT to Kaohsiung train station and take the Tze Chiang Limited Express 自強號列車 to Taitung

EDIT: no need to transfer by KMRT , just need to take the Train at Xinzuoying Station 新左營站



Looks good

No need take MRT, there is also TRA at Bullet train station, all the Taitung trains listed stop or start/end at New Zyoing Station , TRA tracks just 25m west the THSR tracks at this station.


Lot people taking photos on the old train at Fang Liao (to Taitung)


I remember that old train

Jogging memory here
Back in summer of 75 when Rhiannon hit the airwaves and the mango juice shop on Main Street fulung Was the only place to hang out after the last train left for Taipei around 8pm
The road only was paved for about a mile and then became a dirt track there was the best train and that was the chu kuang for 65nt and the express for 25 which was that old train and that had no AC and there was the non express which went to Keelung and then you had to wait a few minutes in Keelung for the train to head to Taipei that was 18 nt

And. Not only was the cheap train not air conditioned sometimes the lights
Didn’t work and it was an experience going through the many tunnels especially the one long one in pitch blackness

Nobody had cell phones then to light up anything or carried a flashlight

I was always thinking this is like a Hollywood thriller where a killer could kill one person every time it went through a tunnel and nobody could have seen who done it

Pitch black is pitch black

One memorable ride was on the super slow aforementioned train on the Keelung to Taipei section and it was jammed packed
So jammed you didn’t need to hold on
Tokyo style

And tommy who was also young then had this young girl just a bit younger who was so smashed into him face to face cheek to cheek
It was like a really looong slow dance to Taipei
Best 18nt train ride of my life

It was dark and she was very pretty dressed for a night in Taipei

I wonder if she too remembered that slow dance with a stranger in the night like I do?

Not a word was said we were both too youNg And too shy

It would have been awkward to start a conversation as well when we were so pressed together

But an older tommy would’ve said hi a bit into the ride and asked if she wanted a coffee when we got to Taipei

People went to see
Those old trains because they had a few memories too


In train traveler and tourist speak, does that mean the new section is open between Pingtung and Taitung with the beautiful views?

Looks a bit like an MRT.

And full size bike spots right inside. I wonder if the bike spot requires a reservation and payment? Or first come, first serve and what happens to the other people with bikes?