Taiwan Railways (not HSR related)

And a lot of mountain to be carved too, not just what has already slipped, but much more that is dangerous needs to be carved out. Courageous people to be working there, hats off to them.


I also saw work on the sea cliff side of rail tracks, south of Jinlun (Taitung) as there was rain (I have not seen rain Kaoshuing a while, dry season started early but crossing the hills got rain)

As a side note the last old trains are running this month, with double the number of carriages this weekend and still standing room only for many. Did not not know they had more carriages active thought it was three only, saw six working (I will try post photos later of the packed trains, it odd having packed train at empty station like Neishi 內獅 which gets 100 boardings a year)

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The small pic makes it looks like snow

TRA is now operational on that stretch, but not yet running normal service, and won’t be for another month:

The landslide buried sections of the railway line, run by Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) between Ruifang and Houtong, beneath 3,800 cubic meters of rock and soil. The line connects Taipei and Yilan County.

[Now operating] trains will be restricted to a maximum speed of 40 kph until system stability is confirmed, which means that journeys will take 5-10 minutes more than usual, Lin [Chia-lung] said.

In addition, trains will only be allowed to travel both ways on the eastern mainline, while the western mainline is still being repaired, with the stability of hill slopes being reinforced, he said.

As a result, normal service will not be resumed for another month, Lin added.

Source: https://focustaiwan.tw/society/202012140007


Another terrible TRA accident today. Awful news.


I seem to recall similar accidents have happened at TRA where maintenance cars don’t know workers
are on the tracks