Taiwan rankings in new global sex study

I’m not sure if this belongs in LIVing in Taiwan, but here goes. The results are in from the University of Chicago’s “Global Study of Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors,” and…



[quote]Satisfaction is not guaranteed

AUSTRIA?!?! NO WAY!! :noway: I lived right next to Austria most of my life, I never noticed any of that satisfaction.

Oh, no… wait till mingshah finds this thread. He’ll never let us hear the end of it :unamused:

:wall: Great, so I moved from the top of the list to the very end.

I remember a similar study done last year with the same results. good to see that level of consistency from Taiwan!

[quote=“tash”]AUSTRIA?!?! NO WAY!! :noway: I lived right next to Austria most of my life, I never noticed any of that satisfaction.

Nasty Bob would say: “of course YOU didn’t.”

I, Good Bob, will not say that of course. :smiley:

The banality of modern culture practically insures dissatisfaction with sex, especially among the perennially stupid. Figure it out. There is no money to be made from people happily bonking away at each other. Better sell them some fashion, a sports car… then they

The survey was funded by the people who make Viagra. They might disagree with you …

Viagra guarantees a hard on, not sexual satisfaction, for that you need the latex sleave with attached vibromatic action. $49. 95.

You’d figure an area of the world with so many hookers, sexual satisfaction would…or maybe not, apparently. Rampant prostitution in Asia is a symptom of a wider disease; it’s all tied in together. In such materialistic societies, where money = sex to a degree that it doesn’t in the West (it’s not as if we don’t have it in the West, too, but the matter of degree is much higher in Asia). Men don’t have to care about using their charm to woo or performing well in the sack, who cares if a woman who’s only with you because of your money and social status (one step away from being a whore, even if she’s a wife) enjoys it, too? This ties in with the more gender equality, the happier both sexes are.

Things are going to change. I’m here now. :notworthy: