Taiwan ranks 4th in dining-out spending in Asia Pacific


Hard to believe but the numbers are valid.



That’s easy to believe. Taiwanese eat out quite a bit. They rarely cook. Plus if you were to factor in the meals paid for by cash, I bet it’s higher.


In Taiwan, it’s a small group spending large amounts on credit cards. So that bumps up Taiwan to look like a lot of people are spending a lot of money which isn’t accurate. Even if it was only 10 people spending a large amount on credit cards, it would bump up that number to make it look high. But it’s not the trend in Taiwan.

The trend in Taiwan eating out is eat as cheap as possible and pay cash.


My experiences is different. I use credit cards over cash as I get airline points as well some discounts if my bank card has it with the restaurant. I will say my local co workers who have more bank cards than me use their cards even more with all the promotions and discounts offered. This is in Kaoshiung, in Taipei I will say credit card payments is higher.


Except that the survey claimed this:

I don’t see how 4th is hard to believe. It’s not like Asia-Pacific is an affluent region. There’s another report on how Taiwanese people are the 3rd largest tourist origin market in the Asia-Pacific region, only behind China and Korea (though I would rather call that the result of Japanese people not being bothered with traveling abroad and Australia being too far away)


Eating out is great. Not surprised that Taiwan ranks high.