Taiwan References

Hi there,

I’ve done a search on this but can’t find anything to answer my query, so had to register!
I worked in Taiwan a few years ago, and need referencing going back quite a long time to include Taiwan for a new job.

What’s the position on references, do Taiwanese companies have to confirm employment by law? Or can they just not bother and ignore requests? I’m still in contact with quite a few old colleagues who now live & work elsewhere in the world and would normally do my reference for Taiwan for me, however this is a more formal request so I can’t really say ‘contact xxx@hotmail.com’.

I think I know one person who still works for the Taiwanese company but haven’t had a response to my email queries (having said all this, my vetting agency indicated today that it wouldn’t be a barrier to employment if they can’t get hold of any confirmation).

Still, it would be useful to know - thanks!