Taiwan refused admittance to the United Nations again!

Well, the word is out in New York that Taiwan has been refused admittance to the United Nations again. Apparently all those posters which the Taiwanese Economic and Trade Office put up in bus stops and subway stations near the United Nations Headquarters failed to reach the right audience …

What is the feeling in Taiwan about this latest diplomatic set-back? Do the people perhaps feel that it was even wrong to try for a UN seat, considering that in President Chen’s inauguration speech he assented not to push for Taiwan Independence … ??

by the way, do the media and all the reporters in Taiwan understand the concept that the world community is opposed to Taiwan Independence ?? It has been stated many times by many international leaders … and now the decision of the United Nations (for the 12th year in a row) is adding further emphasis …

Why throw good many after bad … ?? Wouldn’t now be a good time to call off any future attempts to get admitted to the United Nations?

No. The world should start standing up to China more often than it does now. And Taiwan should be accorded the respect it deserves for developing a democratic government.

I would say so, even the assistant secretary of the assistant secretary of a UN translator can qualify for diplomatic plates for their cars. Why would they pay attention to mass transit advertisments.

I know how Taiwan feels. I have been trying to get a telephone in Taiwan for 9 months but despite being a wealthy long-term Chinese-speaking resident human being with a job and willing to provide substantial security I “don’t qualify”.

It’s worth the money to remind the UN what sniveling toads they are once a year, and it’s a reasonable approach compared to crashing a 747 into the building.

Damn shame. Damn shame. :raspberry:

So how did the vote go? How many for and how many against?

Nothing new and I don’t believe this has any impact on Taiwan or the Taiwanese.

In Canada, three parties support the right of Taiwan to be represented on the international stage:

They are the Conservative Party (right-wing/neoconservative), the New Democratic Party (left-liberal/social democratic/anarcho-socialist/democratic socialist … My party.), and the Bloc Qu

I have no time for the UN. What is it for again ?

The reality is that Taiwan is still a sovereign nation that has never been ruled by the PRC/CCP and is in no way connected with China. Taiwan doesn’t need the cowards at the UN to make it a sovereign nation. What bothers me is how so many countries would embrace a visit by North Korean, Burmese or Chinese dictators, but they won’t allow the democratically elected President of Taiwan to even transit their nation. What is wrong with this world? There are no exceptions too. You would think some country which prides itself on openness or human rights would go against the Chinese Communist Party lie and not allow itself to be controlled by authoritarian foreign countries! Sick sick sick.

At this exact moment, in New York it is Tuesday, September 14, 2004, at 5:31:40 AM EDT.
The session opens on the 14th so they haven’t even met yet.
Try to get the facts straight.

Don’t it always seem to go
that you don’t know what you’ve got 'til its gone…

[quote=“wolf_reinhold”]At this exact moment, in New York it is Tuesday, September 14, 2004, at 5:31:40 AM EDT.
The session opens on the 14th so they haven’t even met yet.
Try to get the facts straight.[/quote]
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Are you serious? Let’s not distort Taiwan’s ‘victim’ status with facts. Have you heard the latest one about the Paralympics? Well let’s see according to all three English language newspapers, the IPC has been forced by Beijing (well one said the ‘dark force’) to cancel visits, etc. but not once was there a real quote. Also officials are complaining that Wu will not be allowed to head the delegation, when IPC custom states the NPC (National Paralympic Committee) head should be the delegation leader (Wu is the honorary president of Taiwan’s NPC). So Taiwan is refusing to follow the IPC rules and is claiming victim status when the IPC calls them on it. China doesn’t have to apply any pressure at all, Taiwan is doing a good job of screwing up on it’s own.
Which brings me back to this UN question – has Taiwan officially requested a vote on joining the UN (now or at any point)? Is it true Taiwan withdrew from the UN voluntarily because the country was afraid of being kicked out? Please someone, what are the facts? Wolf???

You got that right Magnificent,

and after they fucked that up…they took paradise and put up the parking lot!

Personally, I think all this “stuff” - joining the UN, the WHO, the Girl Scouts of America, diplomatic relations with Kiribati, signing “sister city” agreements with Juneau, Alaska - is an absurd joke. The world does not give a rat’s ass if Taiwan sends a representative to the next Los Angeles City Fire Department Safety Drill.

The only thing that matters is how many missiles Taiwan possesses that can hit Beijing. The rest is just window dressing.

I know that Taiwan is very concerned about it’s “international space” (AKA “international face”). Unfortunately, international space isn’t what keeps you free. Missiles and bombs keep you free.

I recall something that Annette Lu said about Taiwan should be seen as “lovable, like Hello Kitty”. I guess she never saw what a cat looks like after it’s been run over by a truck.

China respects strength. Seeing Taiwan going down on its knees year after year to beg the UN for membership only increases their contempt. The way to get their respect is to point a gun between their eyes and say, like Dirty Harry, “Are you feeling lucky, punk?”


“The Pope…how many divisions does he have?”
– Josef Stalin, when it was suggested that he should respect the power of the Pope

Whoa Robert, too many coffees this morning? :wink:
Agree with you on this though, guns before butter every time.

[quote=“hsiadogah”]Whoa Robert, too many coffees this morning? :wink:
Agree with you on this though, guns before butter every time.[/quote]

Yeah, you’re right. Three cups of Mandaling. Everyone’s just lucky it wasn’t expresso - that stuff really gives me a buzz.


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Great post Robert. Don’t confine yourself to the tech forum. Cynics welcome here.

Dr. Storey Strangelove…and how I learned to love bombing China.