Taiwan Relations Act

Many people often talk about the terms and conditions of the Taiwan Relations Act (TRA) in this Forum.

We are told that the USA continues to support the stipulations of the TRA. I believe that a good summary of these stipulations is contained here:

However, I am curious: What is the status of the TRA in terms of the Taiwan (ROC) legal system? Is the TRA somehow recognized by the Taiwan government, or what?

This topic seems quite relevant now that Deputy Sec. of State Zoellick and AIT Director Young have said that the USA does not support Taiwan independence.

If they don’t support Taiwan independence, then that means that Taiwan is not currently independent, and under the TRA the nomenclature of “Republic of China” is not recognized after Jan. 1, 1979, so there is no way that the US government recognizes the “ROC on Taiwan” as an independent sovereign nation either.

Does the TRA have any indication of a “passport issuing authority”? I can’t seem to find it … But it appears from Zoellick and Young’s recent comments that the Taiwanese people shouldn’t be carrying ROC passports …

Comments anyone?