Taiwan Residents Must Wear Masks in Thailand?!?!?!?!?!?!

Is this true. I saw the headline for this in the Taipei Times taipeitimes.com/News/front/a … /04/200735. Said something about the first 14 days all Taiwanese residents or I suppose anyone traveling from Taiwan, Hong Kong or China must wear a mask at all times while in Thailand for the first 14 days they are there.

That is so embarassing. I was planning on visiting Thailand around April 18, but now I think I will stay home, or if I go, I won’t wear a mask except while in the airport.

Can anyone who traveled to Thailand in the past few days confirm this?

I haven’t been to Thailand but I’ve heard that ALL foreigners, regardless of where they come from, are required to wear face masks during the first ten days of their stay.

Has anybody been travelling to places that require specific anti-SARS measures from travellers? Could you please share your experience?


  • nurses will ask every single passenger exiting a plane in Singapore if he/she feels well, if they have a cough or breathing problems, and will take a short look at you.
  • you get a pink note in your passport that you’ve come from a place where SARS has occured
  • when checking in for leaving Singapore, the check-in personnel will ask you again if you’ve experienced any SARS symptoms.

Apart from that, no restrictions. The airports were pretty empty, the planes too. And it was sort of eerie to sit in a boarding lounge and a plane with everybody around you wearing a face mask. Orchard road was busy as normal, other places were a bit emptier than normal, schools are still closed but will take up classes again next week. Some people are panicking, others try to keep up normal lifes. SARS cases in Singapore are basically restricted to health care personnel and close family members of SARS patients, so daily life routine doesn’t exactly pose a big threat. If only they would seriously impose the suggestion of a head nurse that nurses shower and CHANGE OUT OF THEIR UNIFORMS BEFORE LEAVING THE HOSPITAL resp. only change into their uniforms after arriving at the hospital (first thing my mum and aunts learned in nurse school 30 years ago!) :?

Any other travel experiences?


Yeah, no restrictions in Matsu and Kinmen. However in Kinmen, one of the “Three small links”, a quarantine office has been established and the staff was increased from 1 to 6, screening people travelling to and from the mainland.

In response to the original question, today’s Taiwan News says:[quote]As to a demand by Thailand that visitors from Taiwan would be required to wear masks, an official from the Thailand Trade and Economic Office in Taipei told the Taiwan News that it is now merely a “suggestion.” [/quote]
How that suggestion is interpreted by Thai officials, though, remains to be seen.