Taiwan roundtrip spice tour, want to meet up?

We are making a trip around Taiwan next week. Interested in meeting anyone with a restaurant, grocery store, cafes and related businesses that may be interested in meeting up. We are coming around to meet and see the needs of such companies for natural foods and ingredients. The focus is on flavorings and colorants, mainly spices and herbs. We are bringing samples, catalogs and can discuss needs of each business. If you run a shop, or know someone, feel free to contact me here (or message me and I can contact you or provide our Line/email/phone # etc).

We run a full spice line, and are ever growing in locally grown sources. Also provide foreign spices and herbs.

So ya, if anyone is into meeting and seeing how we can cooperate, would love to meet up. And, after hours socially wouldn’t mind meeting some like-minded people for a beer or some such :slight_smile:

We start in Hualien on the 28th and work counter clockwise through the main cities.

Looking forward to hearing from, and meeting everyone :slight_smile:

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