Taiwan’s Hospitals Seeking Revenue Outside of Healthcare to Make Up for Losses

Just because of Taiwan’s “all-you-can-eat” healthcare plans, medical centers find it difficult to remain profitable, so they seek revenue elsewhere.

Can someone TLDR for me?

Are they going to open up night markets inside the hospitals to make up some revenue?

What about ghost tours?
Necrophilia tours?
Morphine drips?
Beef noodle shops?

Beef Noodle is part of it! They mention food and beverage (F&B) as high profit items. They rent out space to food vendors at high rental rates, as people in the hospital are willing to pay the higher prices since they can not go outside and eat. An example, 3 of us had beef noodles tonight in a local shop for NT$400, hospital food court can charge much more, thus high profits.


Years ago I already saw something like a food court in some hospital in Taipei… with some other shops next to it, I think. OK, it wasn’t a food court but like a cafeteria with some other small food stalls around. I think we all have seen 7/11’s or Family Marts inside hospitals too. And old folks selling sandwiches and pientangs and sushi.

Healthcare shouldn’t be seen as a business but as an important part of what constitutes a society. The same as every country has roads and they don’t count how much money they spend on them and how much money they bring back in one way or another, the healthcare system is a valuable infrastructure that makes society members’ lives better (and just able to live!).

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I used to feel that way, but you’re not going to attract the same top talent unless there’s profit in services and innovation. Especially for something like being a doctor which takes 10+ years of school to become. Obviously there needs to be a balance. But still should be profitable.

A lot are also universities which are cash cows if they have enrollement.

It always seemed weird to me to go to a hospital to eat, but have done it a couple times cause its better than outside. Eda in kaohsiung used to have a subway…oh how i miss subway. Just tastes better surrounded by infectious people.

In countries with a 100% public Healthcare system people still become doctors and they are not bad at all. There are many areas with researches, people who don’t necessarily make a lot of money but still want that career because it’s what they want to do, what they believe in.

do you think that the Healthcare system in USA is better than in other countries with public healthcare? My impression is that the “market” regulates offer and demand of health in a way that people are fucked up because people need healthcare services, and healthcare providers who are business man do what they want: get as much money as possible, which is this case is a lot more than when it’s public.

I’m some aspects yes, in many others no. But The America system has produced the finest doctors, innovative procedures and cutting edge medicine. So much so other countries with public health care really benefit from it. Of course other countries like the UK and Germany are up there as well. But without a doubt the American system has advanced medical care for the rest of the world. Doctors come to the US to learn procedures, new treatments and medical and surgical devices come from the US, most major drug companies are American

We’ve been talking about this in another thread. But to me a lot of the short comings of the American system is the incredible amount of regulations and barriers that kill competition so prices are so high. Such as not easily allowing off label uses for drugs that can treat things and not allowing many drugs on the market to compete. Why is insulin so expensive, only some companies can comply with the FDA to sell on the market. So of course they can charge more when you don’t have a choice. When many companies can make insulin to compete.

Insuline is much cheaper in other countries. The problem with the USA system is that it’s a business, and its business men are protected by the government… instead of the society being protected by the government.

Because other countries have less restrictions. More competition. It’s actually not very business like in the US when they lobby for basically regulations that force things into almost a monopoly. Other countries with cheap medicine, they are getting basically a subsidy from the US since the US companies basically made most of the drugs for them to use and by genetics of. While the US makes the new brand names.

Look at this from a different point of view: if the healthcare system were public, and not money making oriented, they would let those other companies produce and sell their cheaper and safe insuline, because the country’s priorities would be different.

But would people race to find new medicine that cost millions to start and have only 1 out of 10000 even make it to human trials if the profit was not there. There would be some. Why doesn’t countries with public health cares produce the same level of doctors, as many innovative surgeries and newest drugs?

It’s in the country’s interest. For their own good, and also for their own economical interest.

Tzu Chi has an actual food court, like 20 mini restaurant…all kinds of vegetarian food.

Night market? Try Mackay.

All hospitals I have been to have shops. The business rotation US tough, very competitive.

Most have at least a 711.

There is big bucks being made in one or two day full testing. Medical tourism. And lose weight programs.

The Soviets said the same thing so. For the country and people, isn’t enough for most people.

Who were more successful, german scientists that went to the US or the USSR? The split them pretty equally. The ones that profited clearly did better.

Yet the soviets made some serious advances in technology and shit. And I don’t advocate for them, because their system was totalitarian shit, but a society has the right to defend their basic services from business men who are not interested in the society but in making money.

Well it’s basically to the gulags if you failed. Not so much I’m doing it for the people.

I’m just saying, a lot of the medical advances are from people who understood there was a market for it if they made it. It’s not a coincidence that the some of the best doctors are American, medicine from US, new surgery from the new. And certainly not a coincidence good doctors go to the US.

So you seem to believe that if a country has a public healthcare system, with public hospitals that are paid with people’s taxes that makes that country a communist totalitarian regime with no innovation, no R&D, no private hospitals and companies, and people going to gulags if they fail to brush their teeth.


Addendum: I don’t see USA ranking super high no matter how I sort this table:

EDIT: USA is in first position if you sort by “Health expenditure per capita in international dollars”. But only communists would care about that, right? xD

My parents were both research scientist in fields relating to medicine. Neither of them do that now. They always complained about the pay and the difficulty of getting grants.

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