Taiwan’s Labor Crunch Threatens Precarious Economic Recovery and Eateries (per economic news)

Not really an eviction but they could just tell you to move once the contract runs out.

at 三餐暖食 , lots nice big red peppers

Am I right in seeing sliced white onions in that dish? If so, that’s a major no-no, as it will sweeten the dish, and almost certainnly make it unacceptable to @TT (and certainly unaccceptable to me). Hua jiao (花椒) instead, please! :yum:


Its KHH :slight_smile:
Still judge by the taste first.

Does that mean it is prepared by idiots who have had no training and/or don’t know how to access youtube videos on preparing basic dishes?

I have a higher estimation of KHH people than that—and I would call them out on it if they misprepared a dish like that. :grin:


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