Taiwan’s Self-Made Democracy Still Needs U.S. Partnership, written by President Tsai

Taiwan’s Self-Made Democracy Still Needs U.S. Partnership


Her maiden article on FP ?

Head of Taiwan’s National Security Council met with John Bolton. It’s all over the news now.

Nothing really prohibits the US president from visiting Taiwan. Having no formal diplomatic relations does not preclude ministers of foreign affairs from visiting each other.

Trump could really screw China by signing a bilateral FTA with Taiwan

US and Taiwan can go ahead and have presidential visits and even establish more formal relations.

Trust me, it’s not like China will invade Taiwan when it’s not militarily ready. China will invade whenever it is ready (whenever a window of opportunity presents itself). Whether US has official relations with Taiwan or not, that won’t stop China from preparing for annexation.

We don’t care.
This is GOOD NEWS.
Can’t invade shit with big bro backing us up.