Taiwan Scholarship (臺灣獎學金) 2010

Hello everybody,

I got this year’s Taiwan Scholarship. I’m looking for other scholarship recipients so we can DISCUSS! :slight_smile: Anyone?

I also got the scholarship. From the Houston office. You?

I’m in Poland. I’m also in touch with 3 other people who got it here. We’ll all be doing PhD’s.

I’m starting with a language program at Shida. Will you be doing the language part too?

Hi Doraemonster,
I received the one year language study scholarship, will be doing studies in Taichung. I also have a friend from the Phillipines that received the same scholarship for Chinese study, as well as a Canadian friend who received the same scholarship as you, the PhD program. He should also be in ShiDa, although his Chinese is already good enough I don’t believe he’ll need to do the previous one year language course.
I’ve been living in Taiwan for a few years now, so if you have questions about anything, feel free to ask.


Thanks Rob!

I lived in Taiwan before. For half a year I was an exchange student at the NTU, and later I did two intensive quarters at Shida.

It’s always inspiring to hear someone’s Chinese is very good. I hope mine can become like that one day. So far I’m at the “intermediate restaurant” level, which means I’ve mastered the names of the most important dishes, and also know how to order them. :slight_smile:

OK, back to flashcards now… :sunglasses:

Unfortunately not all embassies / liaison offices have released their results yet.