Taiwan sea level and global warming

have been seeing articles of late pertaining to which parts of the world are gonna go under due to global warming.

has anyone come across any projections as to which parts of taiwan will go under?

Taipei would be a good candidate, I imagine.

Well Bei Kang (North Harbor) used to be a port town a long time ago. maybe the west coast will be reclaimed by the sea…well we came hope.

I’m hoping it’s Sanchong, or Linkou.

Thank God it’s won’t be Sunny Forest Hill. Yangmei proper could go under for all I care, as long as the nearest decent Tesco stays dry.

sanchung may be in trouble, but it sure as heck won’t be linkou! quite a hill you drive up to get there

as we continue to heat up our planet the ioce is going to continue to melt. all this melt water is going to result in rising sea level. there are some preety cool maps of what is going to become of florida in such a scenario. does anyone know of any such maps/forecasts of what’ll happen in taiwan in such a case?

Hmmm…I did have ice in my afternoon G&T…Bombay, 3 drops of bitters and a splash of tonic.

And by jove…the ice did indeed melt!

If sea levels rise by say, ten meters, then we won’t be needing all those buildings for banks, computer companies, or 7-11’s any more. Also, a lot of residential housing will quickly become superfluous. So it should all even out. No worries!

it will happen slowly… we will have time to adjust.

It’s ironic how Florida and the Gulf Coast states voted for a party that constantly ignores the problem of global warming, and indeed supports environmental policies that exacerbate the problem. The result of the global warming will be flooding, tropical heat, more hurricanes, and tropical diseases like malaria for that part of the US. I can’t say I feel sorry for them - they’re digging their own graves.