Taiwan seeks Canada's aid in stopping drug smuggling

Taiwan’s government begs for Canada to assist in stopping the flow of drugs from Canada.


Interesting where the Kaohsiung prosecutor claims 52 kilos of pot is enough for 40,000 people. .045 oz./person? Is that even a hit?

100% accurate

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More than 70 kilograms of marijuana shipped from Vancouver were seized in April and June by Taiwanese customs at the Port of Keelung? I never heard about this. Why was it not discussed and debated on here? In the old days, it would have been top news on this board.

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It’s enough for 40,000 roll-ups (or whatever they’re called). A couple of grams each.

70kg is hardly a ‘flow’ though, is it. Apparently Howard Marks was making multi-tonne shipments in the 70s and 80s. Honestly, if TPTB are getting in a flap about a couple of suitcases full of pot - as opposed to, say, boxes of ammunition or vials of sarin - I reckon Taiwan is still one of the better places to live.

Interesting, though, that Canada should be the latest source of hydroponic tomatoes. I suppose there’s not much else to do on those long winter nights in a sparsely-populated wasteland.

What a giant cluster fuck.

You got to love the colossal irony of the situation, where all these draconian drug laws in Asian countries only exist because during the Nixon/Reagan WOD years, the US basically bullied them into setting them up, under threat of economic sanction. Cut to the end of the 20th century, with drug (esp. weed) laws relaxing and even disappearing in the West, and these guys over here are still all Billy friggin Hays with the scary airport signs and everything.

Dear Ms. Zhong,
We’d love to help you out, but
A. That shit’s pretty much legal here, and getting more so every day, especially if Prime Minister Six Pack has his way
2. You aren’t even a real country
Your pals,
The Mounties

ps you can keep those little turds in the slam as long as you want, good riddance


Please stay on topic, thanks.

So there’s like 40,000 punters wandering round Taipei going “anyone got any smoke, Taipei’s dry-as brah”.

Roughly 1.3 grams. That’d be a good sized joint. :2cents:

Cafes in Amsterdam had a 1 gram minimum purchase limit.

It’s funny to see them make this out to be a big bust. 50kilos is a drop in the bucket even for taiwan. Actually taiwan is the only place where I know that dealers actually will up the price on stuff so all they did was make the drug dealers richer. Holidays like Chinese New Year are also big pay days for drug dealers here.

Yeah, 40,000 guys who were going to buy one joint each.
What a crock of shit.

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“Seven Taiwanese were charged in the busts.”

“In Taiwan, producing, transporting and selling marijuana can lead to a sentence of life imprisonment or at least seven years, as well as a fine of around $420,000.”

Are they just taking the piss now? They ‘avin’ a laugh?

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I am all for reasonable drug policy, but…pot? Really?

This shouldn’t be too surprising though. Cannot even bring a poppyseeds into the country.

The blueberry muffin just is not the same without poppyseeds!

It must have come to some legislator in a moment of profound insight. :eek: