Taiwan shatters world record for longest-lasting rainbow


Taiwanese scientists have recorded the world’s longest-lasting rainbow at nearly 9 hours


I would say the habit of just quoting the first line and not actually wanting to discuss anything is annoying, but I don’t say no to rainbows. :rainbow: :dove: :rainbow: :peace_symbol: :rainbow: :grinning: :rainbow:

Unicorns too btw, got any articles about those? :unicorn:


Especially the unicorns that get rainbows tattooed on their face. Hard hitting journalism.


I CALL DOPING!!! :policewoman:


Viagra, most likely.


Nature broke the record, not Taiwan!


So basically they’re saying it rained for 9 hours straight when the sun was out. Rain is nothing to brag about.

They would definitely break the world record for days at a time if the sun did not go down at sunset.


I thought there was nothing natural about it. Wasn’t this the same day with the heavy smog/fog and fires?


lol, we have successfully made the first step into controlling the weather, first achievement was a 9 hour rainbow. Fitting for the first asian country to have gay marriage.


Exactly. Rain plus smog equals long rainbow.


Prof Chou said: “I plan to contact the Taipei City tourism department to promote this, ‘you can see a nine-hour rainbow in Taipei in the winter, it’s amazing! Come to Taipei!’”

Taipei in the winter :rofl:


Smog, fires, not created naturally, still gets into Guiness World Record.