Taiwan smart homes of the future

By the way, carpet and a dishwasher does not a smart home make. That is wong terminology. Would you like to see what a smart home is? Check out these two links.



I never said carpet made a smart home, I was comparing amenities and wondering if smart features would catch on here where other things have not, purely because I think Taiwanese have a fascination for technology.

I’ve seen plenty of upper middle class homes in Taiwan. New, modern luxurious, lovely. Nowhere near as nice what I’ve seen in the west at the same price range (Taiwan is small, let’s face it) but for hi rise apartments and single dwellings, pretty nice, although sometimes a bit “nouveau riche” in aesthetic taste but… :slight_smile:

However, your average person doesn’t live like that, and the home of average Joe in US or Japan often does have more amenities available in his/her apartment or sub-development than Mr. Zhou in Zhong He does. Don’t you think? I may be wrong.

I also agree that hot water isn’t necessary for clothes washers, but climate control and plush carpet in some rooms can be soooo nice! And closets in every room rather than having to purchase furniture units. Standards such as full baths (so many people lust after my bathtub), security systems, four burner ranges with self-cleaning ovens, garbage disposals, ice makers, thermostats. All those things I grew up with and I’m already over the hill! :cry:

These items are luxuries here and only for those in higher income brackets who actually feel the need for them. I’m not complaining because I can live just fine with two burners and a little free standing oven, and YOUR ex-dryer, but I do so wonder about such things when I visit the west~:?

But back to smart homes, I agree with mapodofu that some technologies will catch on, while others won’t. I just wonder which ones will. Don’t you?

Hobart , when are you inviting me up to see your place? I’ve heard it’s gorgeous! :slight_smile:

I saw an ad for a toilet in Japan for women that plays music and other sound effects to cover up those “embarrassing” or “un-womanly” sounds that may pop out when one is using the bathroom … :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

They also have built-in heaters, air con (fan) and a bidet in some of their toilets in Japan. These are also sold here in Taiwan as well as Japanese imports.

I think the only thing that will be incorporated into a home will be a solar heating/electricity system.
Everything else requires instructions so it would not appeal to people. “eh Set the the VCR timer. Let me get the instruction manual.”

Everything is money oriented so it would take a lot of kickbacks for designers of the projects to incorporate something new into a building.
Howeve a home is simple. Just for sleeping and living. Everything a person can do themselves. Smarthome. Why make it complicated.

Carpet is a pain to clean, but in Taiwan I think it should become standard because it absorbs so much sound (which means if your neighbors have it, you won’t hear them as much). And more macrame art on the walls, I say.

This is progress.