Taiwan sourcing platform (Alibaba of Taiwan)

Taiwan External Trade Development Council just finished renewing a Taiwan sourcing platform to help buyers and sellers get conencted, sort of like Taiwan’s Alibaba.

They are offering special offerings for both buyers and sellers that register (free membership) during the period of June 1-14. This is a great opportunity for anyone doing businesses in anyway related to Taiwan, whether you are selling or buying anything. The membership is free and open to anyone…

Any of these links would work, but it would be best to use the link that best represent your location:

Middle East, Germany, Russia, Brazil & China
URL: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/MAIN/resources/MAIN/EN/S0/promotion/index.htm?WT.mc_id%20=1

India, Vietnam & Malaysia
URL: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/MAIN/resources/MAIN/EN/S0/promotion/index.htm?WT.mc_id%20=3

USA, Brazil, India
URL: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/MAIN/resources/MAIN/EN/S0/promotion/index.htm?WT.mc_id%20=4

URL: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/MAIN/resources/MAIN/EN/S0/promotion/index.htm?WT.mc_id%20=2

Albert W.

So let’s see: annoying flash intro, annoying music, you have to register to see anything, etc.

I think I’ll stick to alibaba.com.

Wow… That is possibly the worst flash intro page to any business website I’ve ever seen… Insanely loud, thumping, tacky, techno music and busy, crappy, flash animations… I closed the page immediately, so I can’t comment on the function, but if it’s anywhere near as poorly thought through as the website design, I don’t think I’m missing much…

I actually have bigger issues locating Taiwanese companies, so a good portal would come in handy.

asiatrademart.com/ (on-line directory but many categories empty)
gigasources.com/ (relative newcomer, Taiwan-based wannabe Alibaba)
globalsources.com/ (the biggest player in this field)
ttnet.net/ (both English and Chinese-language directories)
trade-eye.com/en/TradeMagazines.html (hard copy catalogues, also downloadable in PDF form, no on-line directory)

Seems more like an online Casino than a genuine trading site. Looks like they hired one of those new fangled WebWhackers. What ever happened to good old HTML and a simple directory of links?

I can’t agree more with you Charlie. Flash are way over-rated, especailly sites that need you to sit through 60 seconds of ugly flash every time you reload the page. Not matter how great a site is, the usability really does kill it sometimes.

Thanks for the list. Comes in very handy.

Thanks for the links Juba.