Taiwan status POWERPOINT [human rights]

Working in cooperation with a Dr. Roger Lin, I have begun a series of lectures around Taiwan to promote my view of Taiwan’s correct international legal status, with an accompanying view of a democratic future for all of us who live here, including a substantial elevation in the “human rights consciousness” of the local governmental structure and bureaucracy.

In other words, the Taiwanese people should enjoy improved human rights here, and the foreign community too.

This is my vision, and Dr. Lin and I are coordinating with lots of other people here in Taiwan and in overseas Taiwanese communities to make it a reality.

I have recently produced a POWERPOINT in Chinese which explains Taiwan’s international legal position in detail. (Taiwan is not an independent nation, nor is it a part of the PRC. This is all explained in detail in my POWERPOINT.)

I would be interested in locating a native English speaker who would be willing to volunteer to translate all the frames of this POWERPOINT into the English language. In that way, the information in this POWERPOINT could reach an even wider audience.

Anyone interested could email me at the address below. I would hope to meet with you in Taipei personally to discuss the details of this project. If you have a laptop computer, that would be all the better . . . . . .