Taiwan Status

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In the Treaty of Shimonoski (probably didn’t spell it right, in the war with Japan, 1895, China gave up Taiwan, “in perpetuity” to Japan. At the end of World War 2, Japan gave up Taiwan, “in perpetuity” (no receiver mentioned). Since the U.S. won the war, doesn’t Taiwan exist as a military protectorant, much like Guam.? Dr. Lin’s Supreme Court Petition has some real issues which should be followed. Do we really want Taiwan as a U.S. military protectorant? Taxes, laws, etc.?

I’m quite sure there’s been a lot of discussion about this…

and this seems to be the mother of all posts on it:

The Second World War was fought between the Axis powers and the Allied powers. The Axis lost and the Allies won. The Republic of China was on the Allied side.

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