Taiwan Stimulus Vouchers and Relief Packages Discussion

They were going to do some complex direct deposit of the initial NT$1000 to low income / disadvantaged folks along with taxi drivers, small merchants and food vendors, furloughed workers, and the unemployed—an estimated 10 million people! I suppose they figured that determining who all these people were and administering the deposit would have made this process either too slow to too expensive to bother. Or so it seems.



Why not just give everyone 15k like KMT suggested?

Because the government here is cheap. :neutral_face:



Yea Taiwan has lots of money but the government acts like they have to work with the budget of Nigeria… I wonder if it’s because of the really low tax revenue?

It’s not low tax revenue.

Due to import/export duties, VAT and income taxes, Taiwan has a tax rate similar to any country it’s around 15-17%.

Back on topic.

If you are foreigners. Feel sorry for you. You pay the highest rates of tax since you have limited deductions available and you get stiffed on public works programs like this.

Ultimately it’s Taiwan that suffers.


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KMT is, or was the richest political party in the world… or something.

But they act like they’re so poor.


Sure make it an even million! The taxpayers won’t mind…

Will “foreigners” be eligible?


Good one.


What will be interesting to see is if they will include APRC holders (those not married to Taiwan Nationals) in the beginning or wait. Last year they were included in the last month or two in which the coupons were valid for, partially because of left over coupons.

What’s the update on the story about the 30% covid discount? Another month and no discount, they say you need to wait until September. Are they fucking us over?

I’m a foreigner and I get my parents deducted as dependents. It’s a little more effort than for Taiwanese but not that difficult. Just need to send a few extra documents.


This is the Taiwan government, giving money with the left hand and taking it with the right.

Remember the ‘gracious’ 40K NT$ businesses got as COVID relief? Well if you got that you can’t get the 30% discount on your electricity bill. FUCKERS!!!

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As the title says, APRC holders and diplomats will be eligible for vouchers.


oooo, I don’t know, salmon is pretty tasty


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I’m referring to the foreign diplomats in Taiwan

Why do they need stimulus? They lost their jobs?

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