Taiwan Stimulus Vouchers and Relief Packages Discussion

Plus those brokers that take an entire years pay from the workers for the ‘benefit’ of finding them a job. Although I heard a year ago Taiwan was looking to do away with that requirement.


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Good news for APRC holders


Not really beneficial if you are single. But it’s great families are getting some assistance.

I wonder how much of them are families with no ROC citizens.

I would expect a very small percentage. Less than 100 out of the 27,000who are eligible

So you must be part of the labor insurance program to get the benefit as a APRC holder?

Thats why I want to get married here. No benefit being single living on ARC in Taiwan. Its like being on the end of the line.

Why are foreigners paying laobao but then being excluded from accessing benefits ?


I think it said permanent foreign president.
You get a JFRV ARC renewable every three years when married.
Most won’t be able to claim these subsidies anyway if we are still working.

If your kids are Taiwanese they already get 10k each.

And you need to be directly affected? What does that mean?

You can get APRC and still enjoy the benefits without losing your freedom and peace of mind.

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There are (I have heard) some potential pitfalls to the marriage approach too. :upside_down_face:



And with children who qualify! I’d imagine the number we’re looking at is extremely small, aside from the fact that we should have been included at the get go rather than left behind until we complained.

Called1988 through my Company HR lady, she says the child must have Taiwan ID to get allowance. I don’t know if it’s the wording, seems like having APRC for foreign parents doesn’t affect anything.


This really sucks. My wife both transferred our family of 4 here (2 teens). We received work permit ARC’s. Level 3 caused the company to cease operations and pay. Now we’re out of luck. No support. No stimulus. Cost of flights out are unaffordable.


Sorry to hear this. Are you able to work online.

That’s exactly what we’re doing just to pay the bills. Also have a pending Gold Card application which would really help with a new job. :+1:


Good luck with this! These are not easy times.


Welcome to Taiwan. :blush: The scenery on the east coast is quite nice though, yeah? Did you try the beef noodles? Taiwan #1.

Are you working in an unusual industry, or wouldn’t it still be fairly easy to find another job?