Taiwan Stimulus Vouchers and Relief Packages Discussion

. . . thereby incentivizing you to spend more when you get the vouchers, which cannot simply be put into the bank.


… or stock market!

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Only businesses that are registered and have a VAT number can possibly accept them.

i agree with this one. Too many people are evading taxes to begin with.

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Cool, can’t wait to not get my hands on them!

I feel all fuzzy now - might need to go read a news article about migrant workers to calm myself down. :heart:


As has been said many many times, buy alcohol (or other) with real money and use the play money to buy food. Also, you can have the vouchers added to Line Pay or other and use it to buy alcohol (I did!) assuming the same rules apply. As I remember, some people were caught using the money in illegal gambling dens. It’s good enough.

Me, I could well use $8000 bonus in September or whenever. But will they give it to APRC holders again, and will they make us wait until the last month as they did last time?

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Good enough for you you #$#%@ foreigner. What do you think you are doing coming here paying your taxes, raising families, pushing grandma around and teaching kids. How dare you as if we need any help from foreigners in the year 2021!!!


You know they should replace the US administration with Taiwan’s government. That would get America out of soaring national debt.

Taiwanese government is almost as stingy as Nigeria even though their GDP almost puts them into the G20 category.

Taoyuan is giving everyone 5K.

Edit… It’s not finalized yet.

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Damn! Noncitizen residents too?


I’m not sure, but I know foreign spouses and every child can get it.

KMT has been saying that they should just give everyone 15k across the board.

Didn’t Mayor say there is no financial resources?

The proposal was passed by city council, but it is not compulsory to city government.

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My wife just informed me it’s still being discussed. Sorry.

I thought it was a done deal.

Best to go at it with low expectations so you don’t get too disappointed.


@owlboy initially said “everyone” so . . .

Anyways, the authorities—not just in Taoyuan but nationally—are just floating plans now so I suppose we shall see.


Plans are being discussed though parties are, of course, arguing about how much red tape to attach to it.

Edit - here is an English article that, as far as I can see, says about the same thing. Headline is misleading though content does say they are ‘reportedly planning’.

Once again me with an ARC would get nothing.


\s you should be great full you live in Taiwan. That is all you need.