Taiwan Stimulus Vouchers and Relief Packages Discussion

Its Taiwan not Asgard.

You are lucky you don’t live in Asgard then. Heaven forbid you might get some stimulus. /s

Stimulus…packages…someone is always going to complain


Seriously though, I feel for ARC holders if they don’t get the vouchers. The ‘R’ means resident for goodness sake, and if they’re paying taxes to Taiwan then I don’t see how denying them these benefits could be justified.


Yeah but all foreigners make more money than the locals so we don’t deserve or need it! :roll_eyes:


Not only for this, the 40K for businesses was the struggle to get it.

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Well you need to protect Assgard because they guard your ass from Thor’s big hammer…

Anyways, you see that money is not free, you need to pay 1000 to get 4000.

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It’s probably the same kind of thing as restaurants who sell vouchers at discounted prices, knowing that a certain number of people won’t use them or gyms that sell memberships knowing the best members come three times a year though reup without hesitation.

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That’s still free money all you have to do is pony a little bit of money upfront.


And don’t be foreign.



They could simply give 4000 NT$ in vouchers. Some people have a hard time spending 1000 NT$ more than they actually need.

Don’t be poor then.

Always good advice. Reminds me of the US’s first COVID stimulus when they tried to prevent families making under a certain amount of money from getting the full stimulus. You know, the people who need the money the most?

Maybe some family needs the 1000NT$ to pay rent, or electricity. They probably can’t use vouchers to do that.

its cheap money :wink:

Sell them to someone for less than face value. I buy vouchers for many things online like that all the time.

Buy something you were gonna buy anyways like food. Use saved cash for other expense.

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I think it’s actually the opposite.

The government wants people to use the vouchers so they make you pay for them and add an expiry date. This means everyone who applies will definitely end up using them (or face losing money).

If the government issues voucher for “free”, then some people might forget about them (and they don’t get spent). Others will give them to their 爸媽 for rent, electricity, and groceries - which is not what they’re meant for. The government wants to simulate spending in places that sell non-essential goods, like department stores and restaurants.

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They are discussing to give 1000NTD to low income families to buy the vouchers.