Taiwan Stimulus Vouchers

The point to draw here is not the venality or evil nature of the bureaucracy, even though they do of course mess up some times.

The real point here—along with the squashing of the planned youbike discimination—is that getting organized and making the case for change can actually work, as vividly shown in the ARC/APRC holder COVID-19 test policy reversal.



What is this about?

There was a time when they made insurance mandatory to get a youbike account and ARC numbers did not work…

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One data point… I have a friend who had this issue. Sje has been in Taiwan for 3O years but divorced a while back. Still has an APRC. 7-11 refused to sell her the voucher, so she called a number (1988 or something like that?). Don’t know what office that is, but they basically said since she divorced before July 1, she did not qualify. But after reading them a lengthy riot act about why she should be able to buy the voucher, they relented and told her to try 7-11 again. This time they let her buy it. YMMV


It also helps to have a government that isn’t divided to the extent America currently is, and that they do listen to voices out there.

Organizing in the US has become almost useless, as the recent spate of police brutality have shown.

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This should be pretty simple to understand. Based on their rules, they had no reason to cave to her demand. Surprised they did. Or this is b.s.

This takes us way back to December 2019, in another time, and another world. One of many stories on it is here:

We fought this, and won. That’s the takeaway I wanted to emphasize.



I was actually able to try again yesterday and it just went through – guess I was trying while the system was swamped (wife said that a lot of people were having issues the first few days [in the Chinese news at least])

Thanks for the reply!


Don’t know what her motivation would be.

My wife called NIA and they added a status of married to my APRC over the phone. It will still be an APRC independent from marriage, but notated on file I’m married to a Taiwanese.

After doing that I was able to sign up for the $3000


What would be the drawback if it changed?

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You might have to leave Taiwan if you got divorced or something happened to your spouse.

So I guess people will start picking up the vouchers tomorrow. I imagine the post offices will be a madhouse. I can’t pick mine up until the 22nd. I’ve got my eye on a decent bottle of scotch and will probably spend the remaining amount at a restaurant. Whoo-hoo!

rolling in money


And no cork fee if you get plastic cups.


Oh, you just blew my mind. Bottle of scotch plus a restaurant with no corkage fee. Spend no more than 2,000 total so that the whole thing comes out to…FREE! You’re a genius.

Shots fired!

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You know what he’s referring to? That’s some serious lurking. By the way, it should be against the rules to this kind of cross mixing of threads.

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I happened to view the whiskey recommendation thread today and remembered seeing some plastic cups…

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It was still very good whisky!

But by the way, he was referring to the eatery with no corkage fee thread, in which I mentioned a buffet with a 50nt fee for the glass as their corkage fee. Belgian Pie recommended bringing my own cup next time to save on that fee. As a former owner of a Belgian cookie restaurant (or something like that), he disdains that whole eatery with no corkage fee thread.