Taiwan Summer 2009....for those looking for some serious fun

This is a real story (well, maybe not exactly) that happened in Taiwan last summer: Magan is an expat living and working in Taiwan (because she just absolutely loves those stinky tofus). However, Megan was a poor soul who didn’t know a lot of people here. Bored out of her mind one day while bumming around at home in Taiwan, she went on facebook and found the Group “Taiwan Summer 2008 (Let the Fun Begin)”. Her eyes lit up like a little kid in a candy store. She joined the group and decided to show up to one of the events held by the group. Megan ended up having a great time with the new friends she met. Now she’s actually got something to do in Taiwan : )

OK that story was lame…but at least it got you reading this far. The truth is that this story is not far off from what many people experienced last summer. So are you living in Taiwan right now and have no idea what to do or where to go? If that is you and you want to meet new friends to hunt for some serious fun (KTV, hot pot, clubbing, BBQ, all you can eat restaurants, hot springs, beaches, you name it), join the group “Taiwan Summer 2009 (the fun continues)” on facebook at:


If you want to find out more what this group is about, check out last year’s group at:


We are continuing the proud tradition of bringing people together for the common goal of having some crazy fun together. And don’t worry, there are no psychopaths in the group (hopefully). So come out to meet some amazing people.

Also, while this group might be called “Taiwan Summer 2009”, the fun will continue long after the summer because many of us actually do live in Taiwan.

All are welcome! See you soon! And don’t forget to invite your friends too :slight_smile:

-Taiwan Summer 2009

Taiwan Summer 2009 is a non-profit organization.

wow sounds like fun. I wanna join, but its useless, im so not there.