Taiwan/Taipei Must do/see list

A friend is coming to visit for a week starting Monday and I wanted to invite the segue crowd to add to my list.

So far all I have is:

  1. Binglang girls
  2. zhenzhu naicha
  3. Taiwan Beers on roof
  4. A night club
  5. Damshui
  6. Get a name chop
  7. Foot rub
  8. One of the night markets

Feel free to leave out big things like temples and such. I can probably find those in the lonely planet. I’m looking for the more intimate only in Taiwan things. The reason I’m coming to you guys is cause I’m really bad at this tourist stuff. I’d be happy to play CS with him the two days I took off work.

And before someone makes fun #1 is a see not a do (for me anyway). :frowning:


I’m scared there’s already a thread like this. If there is be nice and point me in that direction.

Whispering Pines hot springs. Forgotten where it is though.

I think you should also take him to see a morning market, especially the butchers that have pig organs hanging up above their tables!

Also take him to see:

  1. stinky tofu (chou4 dou4 fu3)
  2. musical garbage trucks
  3. squat toilets
  4. old men playing Chinese chess in the parks
  5. the sugar cane that people sell on the side of the street
  6. goose blood and rice on a stick
  7. pig blood pudding
  8. durian (liu2 lian2) (a large green fruit that stinks but tastes sweet)

dan bing at dawn, before the mayhem.

All my hard work didn’t pull up an address, but I guess it’s in BeiTou. I’m sure it wouldn’t be a problem locating the Whispering Pines once I was there.

For those (like me) who don’t know where Peitou is, HERE ya go.


The link works, just delete the [%20(Beitou)], that’s a strange problem. It gets put in automatically.

Where’s that?

dan bing or egg pancake (?) at a breakfast place

I like Roosevelt at dawn before all the traffic–The city waking up to another day…

Whispering Pine Inn

“Ning Song Ge”

(02) 8951531-5



You1 Ya3 Lu4

No. 21


Almost impossible to find.

haircut with shampoo massage.

When I first arrived I went up to the top floor of the Shinkong Mitsukushi building opposite the train station and was lucky that the weather was clear. There’s no better way to get a feel for the size of this ugly city. Great 360 degree view.


one of those bathhouses, all day for a few hundred. hot and cold pools, movies, excercise ect.

massage extra though

An excellent idea, but why waste NT$200 when you can go to the Howard’s Cafe 45 two floors below for free! :smiley:

  1. MTV
  2. KTV
  3. snake night market
  4. 24 hour bookstore
  5. your chinese name on those key chain
  6. room 18
  7. tai yan bing (sun cake)
  8. eating those bien dan (lunch boxes) on the train
  9. haagen daaz resturant (cuz they dont 'have them in CANADA)

hmm more to come later

Whispering Pines: There’s a park in the centre of (New) Beitou with babbling brooks of hot water and a hotspring museum. Walk the length of the park and keep going up.When you can’t go straight any more, go right and follow that road up. There are signs on that road pointing the way. 20 minute walk from the MRT station. But I wouldn’t bother, it’s not that special. Half way up though, next to the entrance to Hell Valley (see the LP) is a great luxury bath house with rooftop pools, saunas etc. Or, there’s the municipal one which is NT30 and is open air.

I like the Su-Ho paper museum on Taipei’s Patch Road. If you go on a weekday chances are there’ll be a school visit at the same time and then you get to make your own paper from whatever ingredients you or they have to hand. Save your toenail fluff beforehand. Makes great souvenirs.

My must see is the Ju Ming Museum out near Jinshan. Shuttle Buses run every few minutes from outside the modern art gallery.

National Palast Museum
CKS Memorial Hall
Lung Shan Temple
S.Y.S. Memorial Hall
Another temple
Another Memorial Hall
Yet another temple
Just kidding …

How about a drive along the coast, i.e. Tamshui - Keelung?

The Museum of World Religions in Yonghe is certainly worth a look. http://www.mwr.org.tw

A trip to Wulai is a good way to have a hot spring bath and see some of Taiwan’s beautiful mountain scenery.

My web site has a few ideas too. (see taiwan.8m.net)

On Chang’an, not Bade, just east of Songjiang Road. A small, simple place, but quite pleasant. And you can buy beautiful paper both there and in a nearby store. Closed Mondays.

Perhaps best done in conjunction with nearby Guanghua Market and the antique market (on Sundays, IIRC). And then a walk through the weekend flower and jade markets along Jianguo. Then through Da’an Park and over to Yongkang Street or down to Gongguan for some food.

Not everyone’s idea of a tourist experience, but not bad for getting a feel for Taipei. YMMV.

If you guys get plastered one night, there’s no better “drunk food” in the world than soy milk, a greasy dan bing, and a you tiao. Most places are open around 5 or 6 am, and there are some places open all night (Yong He Dou Jiang, for one).

getting out of the streets and onto the nearest hill. still surprises me going from the noisy streets to the middle of nowhere in 5 minutes!

Now it’s my turn. My brother’s coming to visit and I want to show him some fun stuff. He’s flying halfway round the world so I won’t bore him with the National Palace Museum. Ju Ming is a lot more fun and can be followed with a good seafood dinner. The flower market or jade market then over to Taan Park then to Yongkang St sounds good. Longshan Temple and snake alley. Hike up Elephant Mtn or Yangmingshan. Maybe an allyoucaneat Japanese restaurant. Early morning watching taichi in the park sounds interesting.

What about lively, exciting or wacky local stuff? Iron penis exhibition? Kung fu competition? Cannibalism museum? What’s the most wild, exotic, bizarre thing one can do/see in northern Taiwan?