Taiwan Tax Accountant

Can anyone recommend a good local tax accountant who’s worked closely with foreigners in cleaning up their tax situation?

I’ve been living in Taiwan for a few years, have worked part of it - some of this time taxes were withheld and others where they were not. I’ve never filed in Taiwan and neither has my wife, who is Taiwanese.

I’d like to get a handle on our tax liability and finally get this squared away so we can do it right going forward. I’d like to work with a local accountant who’s helped out foreigners in this situation as I am sure that I’m not the first. Looking for an accountant that can say “seen this, done this, here’s what you do…”

Anyone with experience going through years of not filing then going through the process of trying to file? What were your experiences, results?


I am also interested in finding a tax accountant for Taiwan income tax.

I’d be interested in someone who can help with my Canadian taxes…bump bump…
ps. To file my Tawain taxes I had to present the tax form my school. I just showed up at the tax office and the woman filed for me.

Trickelbi, Hexuan, you can do this yourselves, you do not need an accountant to do it for you belive me !!

Trickelbi, depending on how many years you have not filed then prepapre yourself for some major grief, there will be fines for late penalty as well as penalties on the underpaid tax, these can mount up quite quickly, so prepare yourself.

Hexuan, the process and form filling is simple, and i would be more than happy to sit down with you over a couple of beers and explain it, pm me if still interested.

Contact Ann Hu of Universal Law/CPA. Ann is no nonsense and direct – and she was my accountant back in the oriented.org days. She can file personal taxes, although she never did mine because my financial situation here is so simple. Tell her that you heard about her on Forumosa.com

OFFICE PHONE: (886) (2) 2381 1022
FAX NO.: (886) (2)2381 1240
EMAIL: ulc@ms13.hinet.net

Can you give a rough figure for what she charges?

Can you give a rough figure for what she charges?[/quote]

It depends on your tax needs. She’s fluent in English. Email or call her and she will respond to you quickly.

If you do, you can also let her know that we recommended her.

ML McLean & Associates Co. Ltd.
Main number: +886 2-6620-5062 ; Email: info@ml-mclean.com
URL: ml-mclean.com/