Taiwan Teaching Advice and Resource Web Pages

I am compiling an index of posts in Teaching for the archives. One entry will be for Newbies, and another for Resources.

I have already come across Mike Turton’s site, and have a few others.

I would be grateful if members could post here any sites they know of about teaching that are specific to Taiwan, and that would be (a) useful to newbies; and (b) contain resources useful to teachers in Taiwan.

Try Hall Houston’s page on Teaching English in Taiwan:


Also, the EFL in Asia website’s long list of links:


Try Bob’s www.savageland.net

Here’s another one I came across:


It’s not just for Taiwan, mainly Asia.


All about teaching EFL in Taiwan: job listings, housing ads, visa info, message boards, links, etc.


All about teaching EFL in Taiwan: job listings, housing ads, visa info, message boards, links, etc.[/quote]

Should this fella be banned for posting this link?


The Teaching in Taiwan archives already provide a link to tealit.com.

I’ll recommend my own: ESFIT - English Speaking Foreigners In Taiwan. Not much now but I’m in the process of data mining and compiling data every possible data resource that will help a new comer to the island. The focus will be on writing up my own articles. So far my free ISP list is probably the biggest asset in the forum. And my review-a-school forum should help people know what they’re getting into.


Hopefully you’ll get more than three or four reviews.

The teaching English in Taiwan page of my website has a lot of useful links and some information as well. I also put my thoughts about TEFL/TESOL certification online, too.

onestopenglish.com has lots of useful resources for English teachers including lesson plans and activities. efl4u.com has free English teaching worksheets online.

I found Jacks (geocities.com/esl_taiwan) and Mikes (mentioned above) to be the most useful (indepth and reasonably current)apart from the forums.

Please go to my set of links for


groups.yahoo.com/group/HwakangJournal/ for the messages and other stuff!


Hey, regarding these archives, can someone recommend some good resources on where to go/what to do when filing for taxes in Taipei?

Thanks in advance,


For tax questions, go to the National Tax Administration.

great place for Taiwan info and teaching resources would be www.eslcafe.com aka Dave’s ESL Cafe

I have started a blog about teaching English at universities and bushibans in Taiwan.


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Interesting info on Williams and EIE.

good to see - I am about to go read it…

The information on Lado Business English is accurate.

I think contract penalties are legal, but it is not legal to withold the money from the salary. The school must sue to recover the money. I have seen contracts where the English says “withold” and the Chinese says “peichang” - “compensate”.

I do not know the exact law however. Illumination on this point would be useful.