Taiwan Teaching - changes in last 12 months?


Originally I planned to arrive in Taiwan this time last year. I’d completed a ton of research on the Teaching situation and felt well equipped to make the move. However, instead I opted to stay in OZ and finish my studies by completing a Dip Ed.

So now, this time, I’m truly committed to make this move.

I’d like to know what has changed regarding the teaching situation over the last 12 months? Has it improved? Deterioted? Any specifics? Also, any information on the general change in living conditions is apreciated.

Thanks in advance.

I think a lot of schools are more serious about teaching now, personally, so your Dip Ed should hold you in good stead. There is less work, or perhaps just more competition from other prospective teachers, around right at the moment, but that could dhange. The living conditions haven’t changed much, although the Aussie (among others) exchange rate has gotten bad for sending money to Aus, I hear. A lot of schools want you to have a North American accent, but you can always act.

I’ll say. Your NT won’t get you so far over there these days. I visited last month and found it comparable in cost to Europe last summer due to the deflated NT. Consider that as a newbie (Dip or not) you’ll be earning around A$20-25 per hour. That seems like piddly, doesn’t it?

Thanks for the replies so far. I just noticed the unfavourable sway in the currency exchange. I remember this time last year, the Aus exchange rate was at NT18. Now I see it’s more like NT30. So if my calculations are correct, that’s effectively a pay cut (or saving’s cut) of over 30%.

Could someone briefly summarise the current kindy situation? I saw the thread on it below, but the 130 odd posts are making me dizzy. My plan was to pick up the ARC with an afternoon hours gig and then work mornings in a kindy. Still possible?