Taiwan the illiberal democracy




Wow, that’s incredibly rich coming from Mr. Ma.


The fact that he’s even allowed to talk about this and criticise the government automatically proves himself wrong. I wonder how China would react if he did this there.


Mr 'we are all descendants of the yellow emperor, ‘we should prepare to unify with China’, ‘I kept an eye on my classmates while getting a free scholarship to US’ Ma


Realizing that indeed, this man is due for some disregard.


Ma’s comments on Taiwan’s transitional justice initiatives are risible.

I presume that he feels emboldened by the recent election results. Remember that Xinbei, the most populous municipality in Taiwan, just elected as their new mayor the cop who attempted to arrest Cheng Nan-jung just before his self-immolation in 1989! There is little self-awareness of our history here—many people seem either to not know or not care about what happened during the dictatorship era. And the old guard who benefitted from that era don’t hesitate to exploit this situation.