Taiwan themed necktie

Does anyone know of an online source for Taiwan related neckties? I’ve searched several times and haven’t found anything. If you can find something local I may be willing to send you the funds to send me one since I’m in the US right now.

The National Palace Museum sells neckties with things like famous Chinese calligraphy on them. Would that do?

The 4-story handicraft store adjacent to NTU hospital is also as likely as any place to have such an item.

Edit: Oops, just noticed you’re in the US now. Hmm. Try Chinatown.

The “Tai-uan e Tiam” (“Taiwan Store”) near NTU sells lots of Taiwan-related stuff. I think they do online ordering too, but not sure if they deliver outside Taiwan. You also might want to speak to the people at taiwaneseamerican.org - obviously they’re US-based, and they will know if relevant products are available over there.