Taiwan then and now

It’s good but it’s an ‘everyday’ cheese.

It’s proper cheese. If I throw blue cheese at him will you be satisfied ? :joy:
You don’t need to tell me what is good cheese pffftttt my family used to make cheese !:sunglasses:

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JOb: Before it was easy to find work and now it was difficult to find new job.

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Maybe - but are you sure that’s not just because we were younger?


Cork sniffers :roll_eyes:


You wouldn’t tell an Eskimo what is proper snow would ya. :smile:

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In theory it shouldn’t be because the unemployment rate is quite low. Not saying the jobs will be great or anything.


how far back do you need to go for the old hookers around long shan temple to be just normal aged hookers?

Back to the Future : Taiwan Edition ?

I’ll tell you what Taiwan was like 30 years ago.

All scooters, no cars.
McDonalds only in Taipei.
Can’t flush TP…Oh wait.


just don’t go back too far. human meat for sale on the markets. headhunting the no.1 aboriginal pastime. bricks thrown at us barbarian foreigners. no MRT to speak of. yea its not too bad right now.

People used to spit at Mackay.
Yeah it could get rough out there.

Do we need to mention how a white guy couldn’t be out after sundown unless he wanted to get the shit beat right out of him by gangs of 6’6" Tibetans with steel pipes??

Isn’t it a unicorn already? do you know their current valuation?

This article is from 2 years ago and says it was valued at 800 million back.

You had ICRT? Looxoory. Well. had it in Kaohsiung but not in Taitung- for that matter,still don’t have it in Taitung.

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Didnt that paint have lead in it?!?

And this thread is full of awesome sauce. image

Seems I was wrong. Gogoro could already be a unicorn now. If not now, then definitely with it’s IPO. Insanity. Hope investors know what they’d be getting into.

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I heard it’s still like that in some places. Especially those close to swimming pools.

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This is quite a thread. When I arrived in Taichung and started using Forumosa (or perhaps it was Segue then), the old-timers had been around during martial law. Now I’m hearing that 15-20 years is “back in the day” so guess I’m an old-timer now. There was still a bit of the old Wild West feeling in Taichung then.

I’ve been back in the UK for 6 years now and didn’t use Forumosa much for a few years before that. Family life and all that I guess. It coincided with the time I stopped riding scooters much.

My wife and daughters visit family in Zhongli once or twice a year; I come back less frequently since I have to keep making the money for all those flights. I do miss it though. I often think that Taiwan would be a great place for a kind of working retirement.

I don’t know that things are massively different now from 20 years ago though? Granted, technology has changed many things all over (well, everywhere except the govt websites!), and there are more MRT lines. Also I guess there are more than two westerners now in my old district in Beitun. But people and places haven’t really changed that much overall. That’s a good thing I think.