Taiwan to become associated member of the EU

Happy April fools Day everyone!


I avoided reading any news. Anything that is worth mentioning regarding 4/1 shenanigans?

VW USA messed up by claiming to change it’s Name to Voltswagen on monday.

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Yeah, I’ve seen that. Too early and a bit cringe. :zap:

Speaking of April Fools…


Censorship is not as pervasive as you may think.

It is no secret China has a different way of doing things.
Studying in China would give you the opportunity to learn about this system and adapt.

:rofl: :golfing_man:


Well I keep seeing EU license plates in taiwan that says T

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Still my best April Fools prank I performed on my wife. Broke old car window, rolled her window down, scattered glass around vehicle and staged the area. She wasn’t amused


I put salt in my dad’s sugar bowl. Have you had salty coffee? He has.

This is NOT April’s fool news:

That’s not an April Fool’s joke, unfortunately. That’s the real deal, and they actually belive in themselves!


Noooooo…really? :astonished:

Meanwhile, in other not April Fools news…

Haha, got me for bit!