Taiwan to benefit from Japan-Korea trade spat

Japan will source its semiconductors from Taiwan as substitute. Korea may also source semiconductor parts from Taiwan.

Taiwan has had two recent lucky incidents: US-China trade war, which resulted in some manufacturing moving back, and this feud over comfort women.

Of course, we can’t let this last forever, as any crack in the pro-american alliance is fatal.

:muscle:taiwan no. 1!!!

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Taiwan has already been benefitting from those two’s trade spat since that court ruling in South Korea on reparations from Japanese firms, etc.
Taiwan is also benefitting from US/China trade spat.
Looks like someone above is smiling down on Taiwanese businesses.

But it wasn’t until recently, when South Korea started to exports of critical equipment to Japan.

Just imagine if taiwan had some dilligence and quality controls in place for other industries outside chips and tek. We would be laughing our way to freedom :slight_smile:

Its great news for here but its obviously short lived. Doesnt need to be though.