Taiwan to crack down on Korean soap operas

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[quote]In 2002, 30 Korean soap operas were aired in Taiwan, where they received some of the highest ratings. In Hong Kong, “Jewel in the Palace” was the most-watched of any program in the last 25 years.

But lately, the popularity of Korean soap operas is causing a backlash against Korean pop culture imports. Rising economic tension in the region and competition between Korean soaps and those produced in China and Taiwan finally came to a head last week as the Chinese and Taiwanese governments announced measures to curb the “Korea wave.”[/quote]
Granted, I kinda am annoyed at Korean soap operas, there was a period in which my own mother nicknamed one of these stars her ‘boyfriend’ and always would look upon him with dreamy eyes… of course only when my father wasn’t around. This whole charade was really disturbing to say the least.

On the other hand, should we really stop these soaps? Isn’t it fair trade? Is this just a start to censorship, and when will we stop? What stops us from limiting various local shows, or political shows? Its just a soap opera, and if anything, it’ll create more competition, and perhaps lead to better Taiwanese soap operas, right?

What should we do? Stop the government from hurting a free market? Stop the Korean soap operas because they’re invading our society? Will there be any hope for my mom?

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They can also “crack down” on that damned annoying Samsung - “Can’t Touch This” - Korean cellphone commercial. YoBoSayOh?

It plays 4 - 5 times at every commercial break…enough already!
(admittedly the girl is a good dancer)

Well the best way to stop having imports is to create a product that would make the competition worthless. :ponder:

The illegal VCD will still flood the market anyways.

It could not be summed up better, Taiwanese film makers should step up to the plate, not cower behind the government and other forces. Such laziness causes decline.

Besides stopping the tv shows may actually lead to increased Korean DVD sales, again hurting the Taiwanese shows.

Shrimpcrackers, the KMT caucus whip summed up your opinion well. :wink:

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"Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) caucus whip Pan Wei-kang (???) said that the GIO should respect the free market instead of restricting foreign TV content.

“We support the GIO’s plan to offer government funding to help local TV producers make better programs,” Pan said. “However, we are sorry to hear that the GIO is planning to suppress foreign programs, when it should be looking into why they are more popular than local ones.” "