Taiwan to distribute surplus tax revenue, NT$6,000 to every citizen & APRC holder

Got mine in Richart.



Use your rent money to party with.


First Bank cash delivered on Friday afternoon.

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So you got 7,000 as they promised?


4800 after 20% foreigner tax withheld


Hah. Would there have been a way for you to get the full 6k, like using an ATM?

It seems plausible (for Taiwan) to be withholding 20% from foreigners, but surely they’re not withholding 10% from Taiwanese as well? I’d imagine that would attract a lot of complaints after the government made such a big deal about giving 6k to everyone*.

(*The Taiwanese definition of “everyone”.)

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Was it? Mine was the full amount
I’m wondering if someone keyed it wrong as this isn’t income

I think he’s joking

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Was replying to RickRoll April 1 comment :wink:


I also got mine as well I had not checked.


But really, didn’t Richart promised 1,000 more if you use their account to get it?

isnt it Taishin Bank?

“Top 11 Banks” rewards, the highest “16 times refund”

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Only for new customers who signed up with that deal.

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Got mine today - in Cathay Bank Account. :money_mouth_face:


Fixed it for you! :grin:


I’m no economist but, isn’t this double taxation?

You can get away with double anything if you split your country up into a bunch of individual sovereigns.

Want to double tax, double jeopardy citizens into oblivion? Split your government up into 2 or more “countries” and all of a sudden it’s not double taxation or double jeopardy, except it is.

Like US State and Federal taxes…

Received my 6k into my ESun account yesterday. This was shockingly easy. I’m an APRC holder.
I still think all taxpayers in Taiwan deserve this.


A tax on an excise duty is double taxation.