Taiwan to introduce cheapest 5G unlimited data plan in world | Taiwan News

Are you planning to upgrade to 5G right away?

  • Yes, this month
  • Maybe in the next 3 months - when my current contract expires
  • No, I don’t need to pay 2x to 3x more for much faster broadband
  • I haven’t decided yet

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Will this allow me to get connected to credit card customer service more quickly?


Not for Mandarin-impaired customers like me. We will need to come up with strategies to get what we need with as little effort as possible.

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I will upgrade to 5G when I get my iPhone 12.

If my employer pays for it I will. But need to wait for current contract expiry.

What’s the cheapest throwaway phone out there with 5G capability?
Anyone know offhand? (thanks)

Is there anything about minimum speeds? Normally I have no issues with internet speed - whether broadband or 4G - but once in a while it crashes to a snail’s pace, reasons undetermined, and then resumes normal service, maybe a minute or maybe an hour later.


Good news. I’ll get the service as soon as I get a new iPhone which is 5G enabled.

I have no lag with anything I do now on my phone. Downloads of movies or whatever are fast enough and streaming works fine.

No real need to upgrade to 5G phone until more 5G-intensive product becomes available.


Where’s my No, phone does not support 5G option?

5G is a meme, don’t fall for it. There haven’t been any new features on phones in years, so they try to push this as the “best thing since sliced bread” to make you upgrade your phone. In a few years 4G will be shut down and you will be forced to change phones anyway.

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It’s not a meme it’s a major step up according to my understanding of the tech it can offer 10x faster downloads and you don’t need fiber to be connected for a lot of stuff anymore. You can blanket urban areas with the transmitters. It allows enough bandwidth for IOT to be ubiquitous.


I don’t care about the speed. I just want to brag about a new iPhone 12 and 5G phone plan on Instagram. :rofl:


Nah, I get unlimited 4G for $288 with APTG so no interest in paying $1399 for faster service. Contract is good for another year then goes month to month for the same price

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This. I only pay a few hundred for 4G that is never too slow. No reason to pay more. The 4G performance may even get better if many migrate to 5G. Plus 5G sucks when you get out of dense urban areas. The range is quite short. I’ll wait until coverage is better, I can get a 5G phone under $5000nt and the price is under $500nt/mo.

What’s the point of downloading faster, a movie you can only watch in real time.

The latency is low enough you may be able to replace your home Internet and use 5G for everything, even if you are a gamer. Downside is that you can’t leave torrents running when you leave the house, so it’s a dead idea to me. I upload and download hundreds of terabytes a month, and I’m only home when I sleep. Gotta do my part for the Pirate Party.


Why is Taiwan able to sell it for cheap?

Is it because they’re able to cut costs, or is it receiving a government subsidy.

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You don’t NEED any more speed. Most of what people do is FB, Twitter, Youtube and netflix. 4G is good enough and two of them would be fine in 3G.


Please no. Cancer garbage. Insecure tracking devices on every square meter of land. The cheaper the piece of tech is, the less margin there is on it so companies cut more corners. Just one easy example is bluetooth locks. They are ALL vulnerable because the consumer won’t know any better and company saves a few shekels.


Ugh this topic makes my blood boil.


Good rant man