Taiwan to lift ractopamine restrictions

No chance.

No japan and Korea don’t.

Korea had a fucking candle lit rally in Seoul to protest American beef. People were crying

You aren’t privy to information


It’s only banned in the EU, China and Russia.

And if people were crying over ractopamine they need to get a grip.

Leaders at 2 more US pork producers have announced recently that they are removing ractopamine from production . Ractopamine is a growth-promoting feed additive which is banned in over 160 countries, including EU countries, China, Japan, South Korea and Russia.

JBS USA and Tyson stop using ractopamine — Anti Additive Clean Label Organization.

But honestly don’t care. It’s already passed and don’t think will stop a free trade deal

My only point of contention is that the US should stop forcing this on counties that don’t want it

It’s banned in production in Japan and Korea but it’s not banned in imported meat.

I don’t really care. I just think it’s bad foreign policy from the US to constantly being in disputes regarding imports of its meat. It should either improve the reputation of its agricultural products or just not push countries into accepting products they don’t want.

But it doesn’t matter. DPP already agreed do it and nobody bought the US pork and everyone moved on. It isn’t going to stop an fta moving forward

I agree that it’s such a trivial product to put pressure on allies. I guess it’s the lobbyists.

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Yeah it’s the US agricultural lobby

It creates so much bad will for so little gain

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Taiwan’s gonna pay for its stupidity for at least another decade.

Because of the pork? That they already agreed to import?

Do you have inside information on this?

I have inside information that the American side is still pissed over something Taiwan did years ago, yes

Trade deals are based on realpolitik, not school girl spats.

Schoolgirls with nuclear weapons.

Yes, almost nobody in Taiwan cares. (since you do not live in Taiwan your not aware of it, and Taiwanese prefer local pork) Are working for the pork company or lobby?

Also from Japanese media reason Taiwan not in the trade agreement is because of China and the USA will have trade agreement with Taiwan on important items like computer parts and NOT pork, sample news : 台湾、発足メンバーに加わらず IPEFと別枠で協力―米高官:時事ドットコム)

That’s “cooperation” (whatever that means), not a trade agreement.

Computers are already tariff-free under the WTO.

Didn’t get the trade deal