Taiwan to make English official second Language


I guess there’s no simple answer to that.


Just fyi (and re your other post), they’re not allowed to accept a 訴願 if it’s not in Chinese.


If the original complaint wasn’t technically a 訴願, I suppose there’s no such prohibition.


Yeah that’s exactly the rule they got me on.
What made me unhappy was that I had a sit down with the control yuan and they told me to write a letter if I wanted to appeal and no mention of any special forms.

In addition, the relative agency sat on it for 3 months with no contact only to write a one paragraph response saying I used the wrong form and not in chinese

The lawyer thinks they are just stalling.
She said that even though I refiled using the correct form and using the original appeal date, they will wait again and reply that I’m past the 60 day deadline even though the original form was within because the original request was not the official one.

I think I will need to sue eventually.


And your lawyer should carefully check the deadline for that too, of course.


Actually I’m representing myself
I made an appointment with her for 2 hours to review my options. I went to pay her and she said it was on the house, really nice lady.


In a dual-official language society, you can speak EITHER language and get the same public service. You don’t have to speak both.

All public information is published in two languages, often side by side on the same page.

Therefore in this case, the Taiwanese government will be able to recruit English-speaking professionals (who don’t necessarily speak Chinese). Most likely, the Taiwanese government will recruit 2nd or 3rd generation overseas Taiwanese.

This is not aimed at boosting English proficiency among local Taiwanese population.

Although if you’re a smart Taiwanese parent, you might as well not waste too much time on Mandarin education.


The Malay Chinese do this. It turns out absolutely horrendous. Many kids have terrible Chinese speaking reading and writing abilities. While still never reaching a level of fluidity and accent of someone from an English speaking country. Like a Malay chinglish.


What you described is probably when they didn’t have Youtube, Internet, and access to higher education in the West.


By this do you mean “Malaysian Chinese”?

Malay = dominant ethnic group in Malaysia

Malaysia = name of the country


News report on TV news tonight said Taiwan should hire English teachers from the Philippines who only require 7000 per month and English teachers from Western countries require 70-80000 per month.


There’s some logic in that , but they won’t be 7000 from the Phil that’s below the mininum wage.


Yeah, that figure must be wrong.


I have a vision for the future of Taiwan in which all the workers are Filipino or Indonesian and all the breeders are Vietnamese. Taiwanese themselves will work in China and their children will live in the US. Chinese will travel in Taiwan. Canadians will continue to sell drugs. Kiwis will return home to mind the sheep dip.


Does that go well with tortilla chips?


You’d need some big-ass tortillas…


A horrible thought just crossed my mind: those horrific direct Google Translate or - shiver- Dr.Eye translations copy pasted at the last minute as government entities rush to have their websites fully bilingual by some absurd deadly someone with no knowledge of the procedure required to do a translation just pulls out of a hat on a whim.


Interesting interview about the policy to make Taiwan a bilingual nation by 2030 from the Taipei Times:



The only thing I’d like to know is whether the interview with the bureaucrat was conducted 100% in English. I see no refeference as to this.


I can see all of that happening except the working in China part. I am sceptical of China’s future, to put it mildly.


Did not expect it would be this popular. I feel like they might actually go through with it this time.