Taiwan to recruit mercenaries?

According to this story in today’s Taipei Times:


The Ministry of National Defense is studying the idea of hiring foreign mercenaries to serve in Taiwan’s armed forces for between NT15,000 and NT20,000 per month.

Any opinions???

Bwahahahah! For 15K I don’t expect they’ll be hiring Foreign Legionnaires. Would 15K even cover an annual subscription to Soldier of Fortune?

Poor old Gen. Hsia. We really should feel sorry for a guy whose asshole is where his mouth should be, especially when he has the tendency to fart at the most inopportune moments.

Shit, man, they could hire a bunch of high-school dropouts with mush for brains for that amount. I can see it now: “Ay, I’ve got a broken bottle over here, and I know how to use it, you poopie-pantied commies!”

At least with La Legion you’d get good wine…

Bureau de Recrutement de la L

Hmmm… you think I could get a work permit with that job?

What made me laugh was his concern about “loyalty problems.” Loyalty problems with glorified hired thugs paid the same as Fillipina domestic helpers? Ya think?

Originally posted by Grizzly: What made me laugh was his concern about "loyalty problems."

Yeah, that really broke me up considering the common use of “paper bullets” (bribes to enemy forces) in Chinese military history.

The fact that the most effective, successful and loyal military forces to operate in China in the past 150 years have been mercenary units commanded by American officers:
The Ever-Victorious Army (Shanghai foreign residents and Filipinos)- Fredereck Townsend Ward
The Flying Tigers (All American) - MG Claire Lee Chennault

The biggest problem either unit had was dealing with their corrupt, incompetent employers.

why hire mercs, for that price no more taiwain unemployment problem.