Taiwan to WHO: Virus death toll 71, not 180

Taiwan to WHO: Virus death toll 71, not 180
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What does the fact that China is barring the Republic of China from entering the WHO have to do with defining the cause of death of people who were infected with SARS. I don’t see what one has to do with the other.

Because Beijing registered the total number of deaths from “SARS” in Taiwan with the WHO. As far as the WHO and Beijing are concerned, data from the provincial chiefs in Taiwan must be approved by Beijing to become formal. It’s not that hard to get is it?
My guess is that the number of deaths from SARS will eventually drop to 0, although it will take a lot of face-losing to get there. 180 to 71 is a good start though. Remember, under current WHO guidelines, a “SARS” death is a death of somebody suspected of being infected with the “SARS virus.” Whether this virus is detected in the body of a “SARS victim” at autopsy is of no relevance.

If the Republic of China really wanted to get into the WHO wouldn