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Audrey, if you are still around, there are many policies in Taiwan that treats APRC and ARC holders differently than National ID card holders.

These differences in treatment ranges from having to pay entrance fees otherwise free to National ID card holders, or not getting masks earlier on during the COVID-19 crisis.

It seems weird to have these distinctions, as ARC and APRC holders also pay taxes. They should be afforded the same benefits as other tax payers. Treating them differently, especially those with permanent residency, almost feels like discrimination.

Since ARC and APRC holders do not have the right to vote, it is incredibly easy to pretend there are no consequences by excluding them from the benefits that they deserve as tax paying members of Taiwan’s society, but it doesn’t seem right. Is there anyway this issue can be raised within the government so that ARC and APRC holders will be treated equally as other National ID card holders in the future?

  • We might as well give it a try, this is as close as getting our voices heard directly by the government as possible.

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Is there a YouTube link for the CNN Taiwan digital Minister interview?

They’re watching :eyes:



Fareed Zakaria GPS is on now. He’s interviewing Chen Chien Jen. I’ll post a link to the interview if I can find it

When the gas pipelines blew up here, the CNN announcer reported explosions in the Taiwanese city of Kay-oh-see-ung.



I have some foreign friends here that still say it Kaoh shung. Emphasis on the K. They’ve been here a long time and never learned Chinese

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