Taiwan Travel Videos


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I got a new Go Pro for my bday last year and I have been putting up some random snippets of my scooter commutes and some cycling days.

Despite the lack of content I had, I think this one is the best video I’ve edited so far.

I tried limiting every single of of my videos to 15-20 seconds. This made putting together the final video much much easier. Previously, I was working with 2 minute long videos where I had to jump halfway into the video to find the highlight.

I threw all my bundled up creativity into this video with very soothing and chill background music, short clips of the group riding, some interaction and some pictures here and there.

This was edited with the Garmin Virb editing studio. I previously used power director, but it was way too pro and complicated for me. Garmin’s editting software has all the basic stuff that I need, plus 100x better than windows movie maker.

Any feedback you guys have is much appreciated!

I started a daily vlog about my life as an American in Taiwan