Taiwan TV Can I Touch Your Afro?

Watching this Taiwan variety show on MOD Channel 29 called 分之一強(fen zhi yi qiang). It’s a common variety show where they have about 5 people on display to and 3 or 4 people to comment and ask questions.

On display were some locals and a couple foreigners. One of the foreigners happen to be black with a nice afro.

A couple of the Taiwanese hosts proceeded to touch his hair with amazement and try to describe it. Then, the other Taiwanese commented about all the stories they had heard about being black and having an afro and how to manage it. They didn’t really ask him about it but just talked about stories they had heard. Never gave him a chance to comment about it. The black guy just sits there and smiles and in his eyes has the look of WTF.

I wish the black guy would of gotten up and touched all their hair and made comments about stories he heard about things he had heard about people like them that have hair like that or something.

I’m a bit shocked, but not shocked, because I’ve come to expect things like this in Taiwan. To me it seems racist at the worst, or rude at the least worst, to the person in the room that you talk about with them in the room and don’t even give them a place to talk about the truth. It’s rude to talk about someone in the room as if they are not there firstly, and secondly, don’t give them a chance to comment, or thirdly, give the person equal opportunity analyze the same subject on the people commenting. What do you think?


Welcome to Asia

I agree with you.
It’s not rare to find myself in similar situations, when people around are talking about me, or asking questions about me but to someone else and not me.
It’s not that I want all the attention, but please don’t act as I was just a piece of furniture in the room!
After some time here, I found out that people will remember that you also have your opinions, thoughts and answers to their questions if you react instead of just sitting there doing nothing.
Talk to them, reply to them even if it’s not addressed to you, after all you are the primary source of information about yourself :trollface:

I thought you were going to say that he would imitate their eyes by closing them with his fingers and and then move the head silly. I guess that’s what I’d like to have seen anyway :smiley:

Welcome to Taiwan. People talking about you or discussing about things of your concern, in front of you, in Chinese, without letting you participate of it. Just suffering it. It’s not racists or mean though, I believe that it’s just stupidity and lack of manners. Of course I don’t think that it’s racists, there’s nothing wrong about feeling curious or being surprised about differences among races, it’s just that many people are stupid, really stupid.

a cultural thing. The race isn’t so much racist so much as the topic of discussion. In Taiwan, it is Taiwanese vs Taiwanese far more than vs foreigner. If hair, skin, clothes, make up, jewlery, cars etc are different, it becomes the topic of converstation.

Now due to people being less busy and raised by most gossip control culture, we get this dumb stuff that make “polite” people dizzy. Gets the best of us. But while Taiwan is super racist, obviously,it also isn’t super racist its. Obviously.

Ask a gay black couples experience here, then ask a gay black couples experience in Saudi Arabia. I would say its even better here than the USA, eAsily. Racism here is o my skin deep, a topic of discussion. Insensitive at best. Greedy at worst (e.g. se Asian factory labor)