Taiwan TV news: illegal practice?

Re: filming suspects in police stations

I’m interested in this question for academic reasons. Perhaps someone has some specific info.

Very commonly, suspects are filmed squirming under motorcycle helmets at the police stations, something that looks like “guilty until proven innocent” to many observers. A Taipei city council member told me that this is illegal, but that it is accepted and tolerated as a way for the police to project an image of strong law enforcement. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to ask details. There are many unethical practicese on Taiwan TV news, but I’m wondering if this one is or isn’t illegal. Or, perhaps the law the councillor was referring to was one open to interpretation.


Probabily illegal…but who is going to lodge a complaint about it…the suspect’s family…

I have heard spokespersons for various Human Rights groups in Taiwan talk about the “unfairness” of this practice, however I have never heard any of them say that this violates a specific law.

I suggest that you contact the Taipei City Council Member again and ask for the specific name of the law, and the article number, which forbids this.

The article found at the link below points to article 245 of the Code of Criminal Procedures.


“The practice of displaying suspects to the media by the police had earlier in the year been prohibited by the National Police Administration.”

…that every time you see these TV morons in a cop shop, they and the cops who let them in are at least in contravention of the NPA, so recourse should theoretically be available. I wonder if that is the case?