Taiwan TV Talk Show!

It was a real pleasure to meet the infamous Loretta, MiltownKid, and FearsomeOrange last night for the taping of 麻辣天后宮. It should be broadcast either this week or next week … not sure of the exact times yet. At any rate, it was quite an experience … my first time participating in a Taiwanese talk show. They tried to turn it into a discussion about sex, but I think we tried to veer them away from that … but everyone knows how the editing process will go! :unamused:

Sounds like quality show :slight_smile:

For those of us who are not up to speed on local TV shows, can you tell us a few more details? What channel is it on (the station name – I suppose the # will vary depending on one’s cable system)? How long is the show?

And be sure to post an update when you find out the air time – I have to make sure I am at home to impress the family by telling them I know all these famous TV stars… :smiley:

The website for the TV show is:

startv.com.tw/chs/prog.asp?f … &nouse=848

It’s on Chinese StarTV, every Monday-Friday, at 10pm (although the StarTV website also says 11pm, so I’m not sure) :unamused:

All I knows is that was the hottest he-chick I’ve seen in a while (not that I’m in the habit of looking at he-chicks). :smiley:

FearsomeOrange was right about her voice sounding funny.

I didn’t really do or say much, but I almost got the chance to kick LittleBuddhaTW’s ass (something I’ve been waiting to do for a long time :wink: ).

I was tired, hungry and bored most of the time. That bald guy with the beard was on the show too (you probably know the one).

Dude, that is a terrible picture. :slight_smile:

Anyway, yeah it was a most surreal experience for me. I was able to understand most of what was going on, but things went a little too fast for me to really participate. I was feeling a little like Chris Farley in that SNL skit where he’s on a Japanese game show…

I’d have been more impressed if goatee-wearing bulldog guy had hit LittleBuddha, but the spectacle(s) was all good, and Fidal took his best shot. :bravo:

Haha, and I’m proud to announce that there are no bruises or pain left over from last night’s little “demonstration” … I would’ve let MiltownKid hit me, but he had that “look” in his eyes like I’d better call it quits. Plus, the memory of Houdini dying that way suddenly popped into my head … :astonished:

And btw, is Li Jing (the host) really a guy?!?! I had no idea! :noway:

By the way, I have a few pictures of the event online. You can check them out at:


I suppose it’s possible that biologically she isn’t now, but I was told that she was (a guy).

Hell yeah! She’s famous for it. She’s the queen of homeshopping on Taiwan TV.


Wow! And I of all people should have noticed! :noway:

Was watching today’s episode. I’m really looking forward to seeing how it turns out after the editing (they add funny bubbles and stuff). It’s also at a good level for people with conversation Chinese (like me) and kind of funny.

Star is 31 ofr me here in Yonghe.

I called that Eason guy and he said it won’t be shown until around mid-July or so …

A little birdy informed me this morning that “our” episode will be shown tonight (Friday, July 22nd) at 10pm. I’m kind of dreading it, knowing that all of my friends will be watching … and cameras make me look fat … and I’m sure they’ll edit out my good parts, and keep in the parts where I look like an idiot … oh well … :unamused:

Oh God, not that complete fuckwit. Please, not him again. Tell me, give me the sweet satisfaction that would come from knowing you - or someone - kicked the shit out of him.

I’ll never forget the definition of the Taiwanese Variety Show genre given to me years ago by a colleague up in Taipei:

“They’re variety shows without the variety”.

If that’s true I’ll record it and put some select clips up for ALL to see :laughing: (or maybe just a few shots of my cap changing derictions if they recorded that)

I’m watching it right now…

Hehe, that was pretty … ummm … interesting. I don’t think I made a complete fool of myself … although I think all of Taiwan now knows that 1) I’m gay, 2) I don’t like Taiwanese police, and 3) where I work … I think I have a big mouth :s

True that. I despise him with a passion rarely seen in the post-WW2 era.

I gots it all on tape if anyone wants a copy (VCD style). Haven’t finished watching it yet though. Looks like I won’t say anything in it. I’m just in the background looking goofy. :slight_smile: (as I should be)

I’d definitely like a copy of that, Miltown! I have a few friends who didn’t get to see it, and I want them to see me making a fool out of myself …

Although I think the camera made me look too fat … at least I hope it was just the camera … :s