Taiwan versus South Korea (infrastructure in general, green areas, etc.)

Like the Metro there, its nice idea on paper but when operating it had lots of problems. The Metro/MRT was years late and when it started it was broke, so it stopped running for awhile. The BRT has less controls that the Metro Rail, its a bus that sometimes (or more than sometimes) has drivers that drive in way not good for the bus or passengers. Also it crosses the streets with people walking and cars and scooter crossing, not a nice thing in Taiwan. Also for the most part the Taiching MRT was a lane on the big roadway, what they needed was a motorway for the bus only which some cities do,

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So curious which ones you do not agree with?

You should’ve asked me a year ago when I posted that. Now I can’t remember which point I took issue with. :no_mouth: Reading it again, it seems pretty spot on, overall.